Mum Proof Thermostat Cage 5000
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Mum Proof Thermostat Cage 5000

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This best selling Thermostat cage is designed to prevent mums, partners or in some cases children, from tampering with the household thermostat,  conserve energy, reduce heating bills and ultimately save you money (& stress).

Even by turning the thermostat up by just 1 degree, is proven to cost households on average £60 a year. Combat this unnecessary expense, and the constant unnecessary sweating in your own home, but purchasing the Mum Proof Thermostat Cage 5000.

The Mum Proof Thermostat Cage 5000 is incredibly tough and robust preventing even the most determined mums from tampering. 

Features & Benefits

  • Comes with screws and wall plugs, making the cage easy to install over the top of an existing thermostat.
  • Your sacred thermostat will continue to work properly as the cage allows air to circulate freely.

What two of our customers have said...

".....the Mum Proof Thermostat cage 5000 has been incredible. She simply hasn't altered the temperature in the house for at least 6 minutes since I installed it..."

"....there's no doubt that this cage pays for itself in less than a month, even in the summer months with my wife.... "

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